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A 4 week program exploring communication with others. Opposite Strengths is an evidence based program that has been helping countless people since it was developed by Dr. Jay Thomas in 1955.

The  Opposite Strengths program flows from one simple, central idea: how to  find yourself through personal growth, creativity, productivity, and  effectiveness result from the blending, or interaction, of two opposite  strengths.  The two strengths have equal values and are in perfect  opposition to one another – much like the Yin is to the Yang. This is a  cutting-edge, evidence-based program approved by the American  Psychological Association to help you achieve the following:Help you understand yourself and your core strengths. Help you understand others and how to relate and communicate effectively, thus improving your relationships. Help you understand that timing is just as important as the content of your communication. Help you balance your strengths to avoid unpleasant physical, mental and emotional pitfalls. 

The Opposite  Strengths Program helps us to find ourselves by establishing and  maintaining mental, emotional, and spiritual stability. It furthers  assists us to understand the different relational communicational  tendencies of individuals they’re assisting, thus facilitating effective  communication and interactions.The  Opposite Strengths Program is considered a foundational experience for  any profession, but especially for those who deal with a wide variety of  personalities, such as co-workers, family members, professionals,  teachers, psychologists/social workers, mediums, healers, and spiritual  teachers.

Michael Hoffmann, Teacher of Opposite Strengths, Learn How to Find Yourself Michael  Hoffmann is a Cognitive Behavioral Counselor, Certified Neurofeedback  Provider, and international consultant and trainer. Mr. Hoffmann is a  Certified Opposite Strengths Facilitator. He has worked as a clinician,  both nationally and internationally, in the administration of EEG  Neurotherapy treatment for patients with alcohol and other drug  addictions, ADD, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders. He conducted  extensive training events regarding Neurofeedback for psychologists,  psychiatrists, and other licensed counselors in the U.S. and countries  of Latin America and Europe. For ten years, he successfully applied his  Cognitive-behavioral knowledge and skills with high-risk offender  populations in a criminal justice setting. 

Earlier in  his career, he was a lead trainer for one of the U.S. Department of  Education’s regional training centers. He worked extensively as a  consultant in the areas of alcohol and drug abuse, organizational  development, and community mobilization for planned social change,  principally for the U.S. Department of State, the Organization of  American States, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and  numerous NGO’s. Mr. Hoffmann was born and raised in Mexico. He grew up  in a bilingual and bicultural family. Mr. Hoffmann has studied  mediumship with Nicole de Haas, Philip Dykes, and Kerry McLeod, both in  Santa Fe, New Mexico, and de Zwanenhof in Holland.   

As an author, he has written The Face of the Iguana; Freedom from Toxic  Belief Systems: A Journey in Healing and Transformation. In that  publication, he relates his youthful involvement in a doomsday cult and  how he escaped and revealed the nefarious tactics of cults. He expertly  synthesized various ways to disassemble the negative narratives of  fear-based beliefs. He included a summary of 5 years of after-life  research and studies. Mr. Hoffmann also wrote several articles for  international journals and other scholastic publications on substance  abuse prevention. He is also the author of professional articles and  training manuals on Community Mobilization for Planned Social Change,  and technical manuals for EEG Neurofeedback, mainly in Spanish. Mr.  Hoffmann continues to expand his knowledge of evidential after-life  research. He is currently engaged in other writing projects on the  subject.

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