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Would you like to really understand how the Spirits really communicate? What do we, the medium, have to do to understand that language? Join us for this 7 week online course as Minister Jackie Wright presents THE LANGUAGE OF SPIRIT.

Time & Location

Jul 05, 2022, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MDT


About the event

In this 7 week online course, we will strip away the myths surrounding the ‘CLAIRS’. We will learn to look beyond the mask of the Spirit and find the true essence of that person. Together we will explore what it means to be part of the ‘conversation’ but not interfere with it. To achieve this, we need to also find the true essence of ourselves, who are we beyond the mask that others expect us to wear?

A course of discovery and enlightenment, to understand your mediumship and the role you play within it. A course that will help you to truly step into your power.

 Jacki Wright, Medium 

Jackie is from the North East of  England. And has a passion for serving the Spirit world in whatever  capacity they desire, be it teaching, demonstrating or private sittings. Jackie inherited her mediumistic ability from her Paternal Grandmother who had died long before Jackie was born. Jackie’s home is in the industrial town  of Middlesbrough but she has been fortunate to share her mediumship all  over the UK and the World. 

Jackie’s Philosophy has always been; ‘Retain your individuality, your uniqueness, because that is why the Spirit world has chosen you.’ Jackie encourages the student to search  for themselves and become their own authority within their development,  not to believe it because the teacher says so. Jackie is not interested  in developing clones, but instead wants the student to explore their own  unique relationship with those in the world of Spirit. 

Jackie is a course organizer and tutor  at the world -renowned Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted Essex,  of  which she is the present Chairman. She has achieved many awards  including Diplomas in  Demonstrating Speaking and Teaching. Jackie Is also a Minister and the Vice President of the Spiritualist National Union.

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