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Why the Mediums of SFIMSS are the Best Psychics in Santa Fe?


At the SFIMSS we have the Best Psychics in Santa Fe who specialize in providing readings and healings to promote personal growth so you can be empowered to follow your best spiritual path.

We have wonderful connections with our Clients. In the feedback we receive from them, they tell us that the SFIMSS Psychics are:

  • Authentic

  • Compassionate

  • Accurate

  • Inspiringly Kind

  • Loving

  • Gentle

  • Nonjudgmental

  • Sincere

  • Gifted

  • & True Healers

Our World Class Medium Healers Offer Psychic, Evidential, and Spiritual Assessments.

A skilled Medium should inquire as to the kind of readings and healings the client would prefer. The client can choose between the above-listed readings or request a combination of them.

In a Psychic Reading, the Medium will draw information from your own auric field. It includes all your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in this lifetime.  Your health, feelings, and goals can be read, as well as information about your soul journey into the future.  Surprising amounts of information and counseling can be derived from the client in this way.

In an Evidential Reading, the Medium makes contact with a loved one on the other side. The client should be offered evidence in the form of shared personal memories, character traits, personality, temperament, physical attributes, and can even deliver secrets only the client and the Spirit Contact know.

A Spiritual Assessment requires a well-seasoned Medium because they are looking into your soul to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to determine whether you are currently on your proper path or soul journey.  As these are sensitive and potentially life-changing insights the client must be confident they are working with someone whose abilities they truly trust.

While most of the SFIMSS Psychics live in Santa Fe, We Provide Readings and Healings Worldwide.
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