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How to Heal Yourself & Others


How to Heal Yourself and Others with Spiritual Healing?

Some are natural born healers, but spiritual healing skills can also be studied and learned.

Many medical or holistic healing experts are naturally drawn to their profession by the desire to help those in need. 

Some of these professionals develop their passion for healing through self-healing. They may have had their own struggles that they had to battle with and overcome. After understanding deep pain they become empathetic to others who are suffering. Additionally, they have learned how to navigate a successful pathway to spiritual healing.

With this knowledge, empathy and compassion they become motivated to help others in need.

They also have healing abilities, either innate or learned which aids them on their very own healing path. 

To be an effective healer, you need to come from a healthy place, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So many figure out the first 3 but struggle to achieve spiritual healing.

So how can you achieve spiritual healing in yourself to effectively heal others?

To answer this question, you need to look at what the cause of the pain comes from. For many, it is the loss of a loved one who they never had closure with.

To overcome this, you can work with a medium (a fellow healer) who acts as a conduit who can connect you with the spirit world. It also means you need to seek out treatment for yourself. Treatment should include treating yourself in a kind, gentle, loving and supportive way, just as you would support someone you care about. 

At the Santa Fe Institute for Mediumship and Spiritual Studies we pride ourselves as having world class mediums who specialize in healing. Additionally, our teachers are experts at teaching others to develop the skills needed to achieve spiritual healing in themselves and others.

Below we proudly present an outline to provide you the very start to assist you on your journey in finding spiritual healing.

  1. Establish a regular time and place to sit and connect with your guide… 

  2. Sit upright in a comfortable chair and let go of all stress, allowing yourself to slip into a deeply relaxed state. As you become more relaxed, you will notice your breathing slowing down. Let the warm feeling of relaxation spread upward from your toes and feet until your whole body is completely relaxed.

  3. The spirit guides are able to influence your consciousness when your mind is quiet and still…

  4. During this state you may have a glimpse of someone who was known to you and who loved you, such as a wife, husband, or a parent…

  5. Pay close attention to everything you experience during meditation. The thought processes you are having will help to strengthen the link between you and the spirit world…

  6. It is most important to realize that what is happening is real. You are being given guidance from intelligent spirit people…

  7. Be patient. Do not bombard your guides/angels with a stream of requests. You may, of course, ask the occasional question, but the answer may not always come immediately.

  8. Your most important insights will come in the form of a silent influence, as these spiritual beings blend with your own character and thought…

  9. Trust the Process…

  10.  Your Spirit Guide Loves You

Whether you engage in self-healing or are assisting others, the experience can be exceptionally transformative. You might also find it to be a transcendent experience where you go to levels of interconnectedness that you’ve never experienced before. Enjoy your spiritual healing journey! 

If you would like help healing yourself and need the assistance of a world class medium then click here so you can continue on your path to healing.
If you would like to begin with a Spiritual Healing or Spirit Guide Training Course, Click Here 
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