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How To Become a Medium

First of all… why would anyone want to become a medium? Gerald Schoelzel (SFIMSS Co-Founder) has said,

“There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction when we as mediums help a client make a connection with one of their loved ones who have passed.  Our faculty teaches you to strengthen your connections with the spirit world and decode and interpret the images and messages you are receiving.”


Can Anyone Learn How to Become a Medium?

Everyone has it in them to become a medium. We all have the potential to develop mediumship abilities. It is natural and normal. 


Have you ever met someone and had a “gut feeling” about them? Maybe you are drawn to them or repulsed by them? Always trust this intuition.


If something makes you feel uncomfortable, then trust that. Over a period of time, things may come to light to reveal and validate your initial intuition. 


You can learn to strengthen your intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities.


To start, you need to learn about the subject matter and recognize what something is, just as you would do with the study of any other field.


Once you learn what something is, you can then learn to harness these abilities. Every person is different with how they learn, interpret and express themselves, therefore there is not only one exact path to follow to develop mediumship abilities. 

What is a Medium?

A medium is different from a psychic. Psychics primarily work with a physical presence. When doing mediumship work, you are connecting with the power of love from those on the other side.


A medium is a bridge between our world and a spirit world. A medium becomes a tool to connect to spirit. A simple way to think about a medium is as a middleman who connects others to spirit. The communication comes through the medium and not from the medium.


When developing mediumship abilities, you can help yourself and others experiencing grief to heal.

Can I Learn How to Become a Medium to Heal Myself and Others?

The Answer is 100% Yes.

Here are the 4 Best Steps to Learn How to Become a Medium and use your abilities to heal:

  1. Take Classes from Leading Experts

  2. Enroll in Classes with Small Class Sizes

  3. Put Yourself in a Loving and Supportive Environment

  4. Take Classes that use Evidence-Based Methods

Take Classes from Leading Experts

If you truly want to learn how to become a medium, then you want to learn as much as possible from experts who have attained wisdom. Experts can provide perspective from the trenches, having experienced hardship in their academic pursuits. They know what works and what doesn’t, and perhaps what might work better than something else. The teachers of the Santa Fe Institute for Mediumship and Spiritual Studies have decades of experience and have helped countless individuals along their spiritual journey.

Enroll in Classes with Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes can offer an intimate setting to create a loving, supportive environment and to allow for the best learning of how to become a medium. Smaller classes allow students to talk and participate more. In order to achieve the best academic experience, students need to become actively engaged which will deliver a long lasting understanding. Additionally, small classes allow for practicing and developing skills. In smaller classes, students are much more likely to interact with the teacher rather than listening passively during class.

Put Yourself in a Loving and Supportive Environment

In order to best learn how to become a medium, you are going to need to put yourself in a positive environment to grow. To do this, you will need a loving and supportive teacher.

A positive classroom environment helps improve attention, engagement, reduces anxiety and supports students emotional involvement. When a positive learning culture exists; students are more likely to achieve higher motivation that leads to maximum learning potentials being realized.

Take Classes that use Evidence-Based Methods

There are many skeptics who do not believe that it is possible to become a medium. In fact, most of our teachers started out skeptical. However, with further research our teachers continued to find that mediumship can be demonstrated using evidence-based methods.

Gary Schwartz is a professor at the University of Arizona and teaches Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery. Additionally, he is the director of the laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He has conducted experiments involving the collaboration of evidence-based research mediums as well as state-of-the-art optical sciences technology for potentially measuring the energy of spirit. The outcome of his studies has shined light on the connection to the energy of spirit.

We are all fully capable of learning how to become a medium by connecting the gap between the physical and spiritual world. If you would like to follow your path to becoming a medium by learning from experts who maintain a small and intimate class setting and teach using evidence based methods then click here to be directed to a webpage that offers courses for you to pursue your spiritual journey.

Is Psychic and Mediumship Development Right for You?

Click here to contact someone on our team to receive a complimentary consultation to help you to determine if mediumship development is right for you.

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