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Why Choose SFIMSS to Learn Communication with Spirit and form a Relationship with the Spirit World

World Class Teachers Dedicated to Small Personalized Classes

Like anything in life, if your goal is to excel, the fastest way to learn is to study with an expert in that field.  Without proper guidance, we risk lost time, frustration and loss of direction.

What makes SFIMSS unique is our faculty’s devotion to small interactive classes and individualized attention for each student.  Our goal is to build our student’s confidence with hands-on attention from World-Class Teachers with years of experience.

Our Teachers Help You Identify and Achieve Your Goals
  • Seeking a permanent relationship with Spirit

  • Becoming a more skilled Medium or Healer

  • Creating a daily practice of connecting with Spirit

  • Fostering a life long commitment to Spirit

  • Discarding fear-based belief systems

  • Demystifying popular misconceptions and myths about the Spirit World

Our Class Sizes Allow Students to Engage and Grow

Have you been in a class lately where you felt lost and over-looked because the teacher let in as many students as possible?  Feeling over-whelmed and forgotten?

Our Faculty purposely limits class size to personalize the experience with not only the teacher, but the other class members with whom they will break into smaller groups for supervised practice.  This promotes friendships, sharing, confidence and allows for intimacy that is very important when learning to work as a medium and healer.

Developing Your Intuitive Powers

Many people are interested in using their intuitive gifts or powers to be better at their jobs or careers.  They wish to better interact with their team members as well as interacting more efficiently with their counterpoints in a corporation they need to interface with.  Intuitive powers can aid your interactions and build your careers.

If you are interested in such improvements in your life and career, join our teachers in our classes.  You will become aware of how to see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience), and feel (clairsentience) through your connection to Spirit. 

Whether you intend to grow as a medium and healer or you plan to use your new skills to advance your career or business, review our classes and choose while there is still a space available. 

Our Spiritual Development course is an excellent way to get started on your mediumship and spiritual journey.

Click Here to Read about Our Spiritual Development Course.

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