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Is Mediumship Development Right for Me?


Do you sense that something is trying to get your attention but do not know what it is? This just might be a spirit guide waiting to communicate with you. 

Many are unsure how to proceed in order to gain a clear understanding of where this feeling is coming from. Furthermore, there is often uncertainty with how to develop this connection in a way that can be beneficial. Spirit is present and able to help positively improve your life in ways you could never imagine.

To help you decide if mediumship is right for you, let’s answer some basic questions…
What is the spirit world?

The spirit world exists all around and through our material world, but in a different dimension, or on a different plane.

Have I had a connection with the spirit world?

An initial sensation is essentially the vibration you feel when you visit a historic place, or when you’re in a place with an energy that you may not have felt before. 

What is the difference between the development of mediumship, intuition and psychic abilities?

This is a common question that we get a lot.

Understanding Intuition is Critical to the Development of Mediumship.

Intuition is an inner knowing… You can probably recall a time when you had an urge or gut feeling to do something and you did not follow it. Then later you looked back and realized you should have listened to that gut feeling. You do not know how you got that feeling but it was just something you sensed. With proper training, you can develop your intuition to become more in tune to help you figure out which paths to follow in life.

What is the Difference Between Developing Mediumship and Psychic Abilities?

To best answer this question, we will describe the difference between the two.

What is Psychic Development?

Psychic ability starts with learning how to tap into your intuition but then elevates to be able to perceive more about where you are going in the world. With psychic abilities, you can start to tap into different pathways of where you want your intuition to go. 

To conduct a psychic reading, you need to tune into your intuition to perceive what is going on with the person receiving the reading. Psychic abilities are more about knowing how intuition works along with knowing how the psychic faculties work. 

As a psychic, you can perceive what the person receiving the reading is seeing, feeling, hearing and then understand what is going on inside of that person. A psychic will send their energy to the person who is receiving the reading, developing a perception of the past, present and future. 

What is Mediumship Development?

A medium is different from a psychic. Psychics primarily work with a physical presence. When doing mediumship work you are connecting with the power of love from those on the other side.

A medium is a bridge between our world and a spirit world. A medium becomes a tool to connect to spirit. A simple way to think about a medium is as a middleman who connects others to spirit. The communication comes through the medium and not from the medium.

When developing mediumship abilities, you can help yourself and others in grief to heal.

Have you asked yourself the following questions...
  • Have you ever wondered if you are a true healer? 

  • Can just anyone be a healer, or is it only the truly ‘gifted’ people who are born that way? 

  • Can I become a healer? How?

  • What is spiritual healing?  

  • What is the difference between learning techniques or methods and working with the spirit world? 

  • How do I open the pathway to becoming a better healer for the spirit world?

  • Does the spirit world identify the needs of the patient or does the healer have to do that?

We teach all the answers to these questions in our Spiritual Healing Course.

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Is Mediumship Development Right for You?

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