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The Mediums working with the Santa Fe Institute of Mediumship and Spiritual Studies conduct Psychic and Evidential  Readings as well as Spiritual Assessments

A skilled Medium should inquire as to the kind of readings and healings the client would prefer. The client can choose between the above-listed readings or request a combination of them.

In a Psychic Reading, the Medium will draw information from your own auric field. It includes all your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in this lifetime.  Your health, feelings, and goals can be read, as well as information about your soul journey into the future.  Surprising amounts of information and counseling can be derived from the client in this way.

In an Evidential Reading, the Medium makes contact with a loved one on the other side. The client should be offered evidence in the form of shared personal memories, character traits, personality, temperament, physical attributes, and can even deliver secrets only the client and the Spirit Contact know.

A Spiritual Assessment requires a well-seasoned Medium because they are looking into your soul to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to determine whether you are currently on your proper path or soul journey.  As these are sensitive and potentially life-changing insights the client must be confident they are working with someone whose abilities they truly trust.

Want to know if you have psychic or mediumship abilitites and how to develop them? We offer psychic and mediumship courses to help you on your spiritual journey of helping others.

SCHEDULING SESSIONS: Paying will give us your contact information. Payments are processed by Paypal. No Paypal account needed. (You can pay with a debit or credit card as a guest.)

• 30 minute sessions are $75
• 60 minute sessions are $150
Please contact us if you have any questions.

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At the SFIMSS we have the Best Psychics in Santa Fe who specialize in providing readings and healings to promote personal growth so you can be empowered to follow your best spiritual path.
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James Hafer

James discovered Spiritualism in the early 1980’s, when his journey led him to the renowned spiritualist community, Camp Chesterfield. After walking through the gates of Camp Chesterfield, his life was never the same. It was at that point that spirit truly became a reality in his life. 

James began taking classes at Chesterfield Spiritualist College (CSC) in the early 1980’s. He also began his journey with mediumship & attended development classes. Little did he realize at that time that he would become a resident teacher at the CSC, a certified development teacher, an astrologer, a gifted clairvoyant medium and an ordained spiritualist minister. 

He’s had the opportunity to study mediumship throughout the years with outstanding clairvoyant, trance, and physical mediums at Camp Chesterfield, as well as in Europe at the notable De Zwanenhof.  It is his passion to connect the spirit world with the physical world with his evidential mediumship. His journey has led him to demonstrate his mediumship throughout the US.

It is a privilege for James to work with spirit and to aid others in becoming aware & conscious of their own inherent true nature. Recognizing, understanding the spirit world, and how spirit works in everyone’s life is also vital to James’ work.

Professionally, James holds a master’s degree in Nursing, and is a nurse practitioner at a local medical center in Indianapolis, IN. He and his husband Jeremy, reside in Indianapolis with their 2 dogs Macie Grey and Shiloh. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 

~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Rev. Jeremy Kaylor

Rev. Jeremy Kaylor is an ordained Spiritualist minister, Clairvoyant Medium and Spirit Artist. Jeremy received his training and certifications from the Indiana Association of Spiritualists on the grounds of Historic Camp Chesterfield. As a resident of Camp Chesterfield Jeremy, teaches mediumship and spirit art development classes. He is also a staff teacher at the Chesterfield Spiritualist College. Rev. Kaylor demonstrates his Spirit Art and Mediumship talents across the United States.

As an educator by profession, Jeremy is constantly striving to help all who cross his path to understand that everyone has the innate ability to communicate with those in the world of Spirit. As a Spirit Artist he helps individuals understand the various ways Spirit uses art to communicate with us and through us.

When Jeremy is not serving at Historic Camp Chesterfield, he lives in Indianapolis with his husband Jim and their two dogs, Shiloh & Macie.


Michael Hoffmann

Michael Hoffmann is a Cognitive Behavioral Counselor, Certified Neurofeedback Provider, and international consultant and trainer.  Mr. Hoffmann worked as a clinician, both nationally and internationally, in the administration of EEG Neurotherapy treatment for patients with alcohol and other drug addictions, ADD, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders. He conducted extensive training events regarding Neurofeedback for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other licensed counselors in the U.S. and countries of Latin America and Europe. For ten years, he successfully applied his Cognitive-behavioral knowledge and skills with high-risk offender populations in a criminal justice setting.

Earlier in his career, he was a lead trainer for one of the U.S. Department of Education’s regional training centers. He worked extensively as a consultant in the areas of alcohol and drug abuse, organizational development, and community mobilization for planned social change, principally for the U.S. Department of State, the Organization of American States, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, and numerous NGO’s. Mr. Hoffmann was born and raised in Mexico. He grew up in a bilingual and bicultural family. Mr. Hoffmann has studied mediumship with Nicole de Haas, Philip Dykes, and Kerry McLeod, both in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and de Zwanenhof in Holland.

As an author, he has written The Face of the Iguana; Freedom from Toxic Belief Systems: A Journey in Healing and Transformation. In that publication, he relates his involvement in a doomsday cult and how he escaped and revealed the nefarious tactics of cults. He expertly synthesized various ways to disassemble the negative narratives of fear-based beliefs. He included a summary of 5 years of after-life research and studies. Mr. Hoffmann also wrote several articles for international journals and other scholastic publications on substance abuse prevention. He is also the author of professional articles and training manuals on Community Mobilization for Planned Social Change, and technical manuals for EEG Neurofeedback, mainly in Spanish. Mr. Hoffmann continues to expand his knowledge of evidential after-life research. He is currently engaged in other writing projects on the subject.

Healings & Spiritual Counseling with
Kevin Horton

Kevin was told at an early age he was meant to do healing, but that directive met resistance from him. He currently does healing and counseling having overcome his reluctance. He is easily transported into the quantum realm to find and repair the energetic patterns of his clients with miraculous results.

Kevin works with each client’s unique physical, energetic, and emotional temperament with the assistance of Spirit World Physicians. They are intelligent and know the needs of each client. Healing is sometimes quickly achieved; other times multiple sessions are required. He gives counseling at the same time. He helps the client break through levels of resistance with lasting results. Healings are currently online which works very well as energy travels quickly online.

Kevin is President and co-founder of the Santa Fe Institute for Mediumship and Spiritual Studies.


Private readings with Gerald Schoelzel

Gerald began studies in San Antonio as a child with Mrs. Hersey, a protégé of Estelle Roberts in England. He began his platform work at the age of 8. Later studies gave him a greater understanding of spirit. 

Gerald studied and did professional mediumship in New York City where he ultimately obtained his second MM degree from the Manhattan School of Music and later his J.D. from New York Law School. While living in NYC, he was a member of an advanced mediumship group, and gave many readings.  One of his notable NY students later worked with the FBI on missing persons cases.

Gerald has studied and worked with many mediums of International repute and studied at de Zwanenhof in the Netherlands. He now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gerald is co-founder and Secretary of the Santa Fe Institute for Mediumship and Spiritual Studies.  

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